Tru-Seal Synthetic Ebony Series

Impervious to water, resistant to heat, and airtight by design. Tru-Seal Ebony pads are the next level in full-synthetic.

Trumpet Felt Replacement

Upgrade those worn out felts with Tru-Seal full-synthetic washers. Superior durability meets a better look.

Peel & Stick Brass Water Key Pads

Full-synthetic, airtight seal, superior durability & appearance, available in multiple sizes/thickness, and customized top skins available.

Open-Hole Flute Plugs

Replace those ugly clear plastic plugs with Tru-Seal full-synthetic open-hole flute plugs. They work as good as they look.


About Our Products

Our cross-linked Microcell pad foam offers an even layer of tone hole coverage, which is ideal for clarinet pads, and is manufactured to be:

•100% Impervious To Air

•Highly Water Resistant

•Heat Resistant Up To 150-Degrees Fahrenheit

•Mold & Bug Resistant

•Installed & Seated With Minimal Heat

•Allows For Solid Key Action Feel

We also offer our Ebony Series products, using another synthetic material, that we feel is perfect for our industry. This solid-black product works great for trumpet top cap and valve stem washers. Because they won’t retain moisture, you can wash trumpet valves and not worry about the washers getting wet. Our washers also have molecular memory, which ensures a longer lasting adjustment for your valve porting. This material is also used in the manufacture of our easy to install Peel–N-Stick water key pads & washers.


Free Shipping On All Domestic Orders

Whether you order 10 pads or 10,000 pads, we'll send them your way at no cost to you. Shipping from Clearwater FL, deliveries are estimated at 2-5 business days. Please contact us before ordering if you're an international customer.

New For 2020

We recently rolled out our new synthetic flute & saxophone pads with great feedback so far. Be sure to check them out in the Products page. We can now also supply most of the original R-5 USA products offered by Rex Bullock. For those fortunate enough to know Rex, you probably also know these pads.

Stepping Out

We just returned from exhibiting at The NAMM Show in Anaheim after making lots of new friends & bringing home some great ideas. If you'd like to be put on our email list for updates on new products, sales & promotions or would like to request samples, please click any of the Contact Us buttons. And be sure to like us on your favorite social media platform. We're always up to something and like to share our ideas with our customers.


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